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About SanLorenzo

  • Customer Satisfaction First and Foremost
  • Commitment to the Highest Quality of Service
  • Continuous Improvement of Our Processes
  • Concise & Prompt Communication
  • Can-Do Attitude is a service of Pacific Realty Partners, one of Newark’s largest real estate firms. We are located at 39899 Balentine Drive, Suite 212.

We operate our business based on these 5 principles:

1] Customer Satisfaction First and Foremost: We acknowledge that without our customers, we can not do business. So, it’s a smart move to put your interest first and ours second.

2] Commitment to the Highest Quality of Service: Quality is everything. Why are some companies prosperous and others are not? Quality of products and/or services. The same is true for us here at PRP.

3] Continuous Improvement of Our Processes: We know that no one is perfect. However, a search for perfection is a laudable goal and here at PRP, we seek to continuously improve our processes so that we can serve you better.

4] Concise and Timely Communication: We believe in predictable systems. No one wants to wait forever. Why must you?

5] Can Do Attitude: We live in the Bay Area where we have companies like Google, Facebook and Youtube that are moving and shaking the world. We are working to make PRP one of the household names in the Barea and that starts with our strong commitment to these 5 principles.

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